When you are developing your eCommerce store, you may decide to just throw together your storefront and let the business start rolling in. Or you might invest in a more customized eCommerce store that will work awhile. In any case, a time will come when you need to redesign your eCommerce store. Whether you hire a professional web designer to assist you with this process, or do it on your own, here are the elements you need to make sure that your store redesign is successful.

Create a List of Required Changes

A common error that many eCommerce store owners make with their site redesigns is to just make the changes as they come up. Even when they schedule a web redesign, they just have the things fixed that they come up with at the moment. Instead, make sure that you put together a list of all the changes that need to be made. You can take this one step further and request input from your customers. Host a survey and find out what they think needs improving.

Upgrade the Images

When you develop a new site redesign, you need to make it apparent. A redesign is a great reason to celebrate, and you can get a large increase in viewings. You just need to make sure that the changes are obvious so that your customers don’t feel as if they’ve been cheated. Upgrading the images or putting in all new ones is an excellent way to accomplish this. If you use your own custom photographs, then having new photos will definitely increase the potential for viewing, particularly if you add the new photos to your social media sites. Do this even if you’re using WYSIWG apparel website templates, which may come with photographs or images.

Check Loading Speeds

After your redesign, you need to check to see how your site does in the loading times. Check on both traditional laptops and mobile devices. It makes a difference, and you should never assume that the site will load just fine. Remember that people have shorter attention spans when viewing a page or storefront on an eCommerce store site. If your site loads at a slower rate, then you will need to go back to the drawing board on the redesign project. It doesn’t make much difference if it looks good when your customers can’t access the store.
When you’re preparing for a site redesign, you need to make sure that your eCommerce store is properly prepared. Create a list of the changes that you will need in the redesign. If you are having problems coming up with ideas, then host a survey and get input from your customers. Be sure that you upgrade or change the images. New content makes it easier for people to share on their social media platforms, and it’s more interesting. When you are done with the redesign, be sure to check the loading speeds on various devices to make sure that the site works as it should.