Long gone are the days when the assembly of 3D puzzles was considered a hobby for children. For many, building construction models is one of the best ways to unwind after a long, grueling day at work. Get rid of everything superfluous, forget about all the problems and plunge into a fascinating assembly of an interesting puzzle for several hours. Others are looking for a challenge from this hobby. They want to create sophisticated but cool-looking mechanical models that they can brag about when possible. A model selected according to interests will always contribute to rest and productive work. Therefore, in order to please both of these categories of fans of this hobby, a well-known Ukrainian company presents its product – Ugears models. Construction kits that are perfect for different age categories.

Variety of UGears 3d puzzles sets

A wide assortment of UGears wooden model kits for adults is divided by the complexity of the assembly, the number of parts, as well as the age audience. Some 3d puzzles for adults are grouped into different categories based on their theme. Everyone can find a model for themselves that matches their interests.

Ugears Treasure Box and Antique Box


These 3d wooden puzzles for adults are the hallmark of this brand. They have gained great popularity due to their picturesque appearance and practical application. Under the beautiful wrapping of these boxes, there is a mechanism that activates them. Made from 100% natural high-quality plywood, just like all other UGears kits, these two wooden puzzles are great accessories for those who have never built a model and would like to try it.

Ugears Roadster Vm-01


For those who like to challenge themselves with complex 3d puzzles for adults, Ugears has such a wonderful miniature of a retro Roadster VM-01 car. This mechanical puzzle is not only a model but also an idea that you master during an exciting process. Assembling a wheel steering mechanism of roadster models will be an interesting challenge for every fan of this hobby.

The online store UGears mechanical models has lots of 3D puzzles from huge locomotives to detailed musical instruments (hurdy gurdy lyre) or fantastic animals (Ugears dragon). If you are looking for a universal gift for all ages, these puzzles will be an excellent solution.