Website design and development is a crucial business undertaking and a considerable investment of time, money, and other business resources. It needs a strategic approach. Therefore, your choice of a design and development agency is a critical business decision and shouldn’t be made in haste or without proper considerations.

Essential Qualities of a Web Design and Development Agency

A website provides your business with a unique platform for multiple functions, including brand visibility and awareness, marketing, Search engine optimization (SEO), others. With the right website development agency, you can achieve your site’s full potential. But what features do you look for when looking to engage one? Look at the five attributes below:

They Should Demonstrate Strategic Approach

Web development is a serious endeavor, and the team you hire should demonstrate a strategic approach to your project. They should describe in detail how they intend to carry out each process from start to finish. Ideally, they should have several years’ experience and continuously invest in learning emerging trends and best web development and design practices. 

For instance, if you’re in the retail industry, augmented reality clothing, and other items, the trend is quickly taking shape. You need a developing agency aware of this trend and can demonstrate their capability to undertake the project. Their process should build confidence in their ability to deliver your project successfully.  

An Impressive Portfolio of Custom

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with an agency that specializes in building websites from pre-built themes, you need to know they can develop your site from scratch as well. You may have specific features explicit to the business that you need to be incorporated into your site. 

Take your time and review portfolios of the potential web agencies you shortlist and keenly look at their products. Look right from the design and style to see the level of creativity and appeal. In addition, consider the sites’ responsiveness, accessibility, functionality, and user experience. An agency’s profile can say a lot about the quality of work you should expect. 

Excellent Customization of CMS Sites

There’s a huge misconception that a CMS site is the same no matter who built it. However, CMS platforms are only the mold needed to make better websites. They require an expert to form them into functional websites they’re needed to be. An agency needs to have the capability to choose the suitable CMS to customize to meet your website needs. 

Each developer is different, and you need one who demonstrates the building of intuitive and excellently customized CMS backends. Don’t hesitate to ask for a demonstration on one of their existing sites. 

They have a Good Reputation

It’s necessary that you speak to some of their clients and get their perception of the agency, especially those in the same industry as you. If you’re looking to build a website with a shopping VR experience, look for clients who have done such work. You learn more about the agency from people who’ve had a one-on-one experience with the company. 

Find out if the agency met their expectations and if they would work with them again or recommend them. However, go with an open mind as there’s no perfect web development agency. Hiccups are bound to occur here and there but, the larger majority of the clients should give a good review. 


Choosing the right partner for your website development and design is a huge decision and should be taken as such. Otherwise, you may end up with a website that doesn’t meet your business needs. Worse still, you may be forced to rebuild it altogether. Good research will reveal more about an agency, its expertise, track record, and customer relations.