Choosing a WordPress theme can be a truly daunting task since there are thousands that you can consider right now. There is a pretty good possibility that you will feel overwhelmed by the choices that are available for you. Fortunately, there are always some things that you can take into account in order to make a really good choice. Consider all the main aspects below and you are going to choose wonderful WordPress themes that you are going to love.

Main Aspects To Consider As You Choose Your WordPress Theme

User-Experience And Design

One of the main reasons why you choose a specific WordPress theme is appearance. You want your site to look exactly as you want it to and you want it to be displayed in a proper way. Different steps can be taken in order to locate that perfect theme.

For starters, you want to think about what you need as a good online presence. For instance, a plumbing website like Fix It Right needs professional business design. Look for the sites where great themes are being sold. Theme Forest is one of the best options but you can also consider others like Studio Press and Elegant Themes.

Browse theme demo and see if the website looks like it is really simple to use. Also, be sure that you get enough white space.

Mobile Responsiveness

While statistics vary, the number of people using mobile devices to browse the internet is constantly growing. Having a suitably responsive theme is mandatory if you are interested in getting the appearance you are after.

Basically, most reputable WordPress themes are completely compatible with modern mobile devices. If you see that this is not the case, you want to avoid the theme and opt for something else. Always consider just the themes that are responsive for optimum visitor visual experience.


If you use a WordPress SEO plugin you gain access to a very powerful website. However, many themes create on-site search engine optimization errors. For instance, they do not include alt or header tags. Some will automatically create duplicate content and there are even some sites that make dynamic address mistakes.

Always opt for the WordPress themes that are presented as being SEO optimized or SEO ready in the description. At the same time, be sure that you do not blindly trust what is said. There are numerous developers that just mention this to make a sale. Perform SEO checks on theme demos with extensions like Mozbar or SEO Site Tools just to be sure.

Easy Customization Options

Many themes come with the standard customization dashboard. This allows you to make changes while not having to worry about the style sheets. In addition, plugins are available to simplify the building of highly complicated page structures.

To put it as simple as possible, the best WordPress theme for you is the one that does not force you to touch code. The more options you can change with your mouse, the better! WYSIWYG editors can be considered limited but they are highly advantageous, especially when you do not know much about PHP, CSS and HTML. Use the demo to see what customization options are available for you.