It is not only your forever-on-the-fritz computer and unstable Internet connection that can drive you to insanity. At times it is web design disasters that are to blame. Here are five web design mistakes that you should fix today.

Five Maddening Web Design Disasters

Responsiveness – yes, please!

According to these 5 web design statistics that can’t be ignored, websites that are 100% responsive make it possible for your potential customers actually to enjoy your web design and click on your different call-to-action prompts. What is more, it is key to ranking high on Google. So, it should be crystal clear why your website needs to work equally well on mobile devices and desktops. There is nothing to negotiate. If your website is not responsive, you are missing out on valuable conversions and traffic.

Confusing navigation

Confusing navigation is one for the four common user experience web design mistakes that can easily be avoided. Any visitor should know where you want them to click on your website. Now is not the time for any trickery – it should be intuitive. If your web design does not make use of standard navigation practices, double-check that you have provided your visitors with some sign as to how they should navigate your website.

Not enough contrast

Too often there is not enough contrast between your text and the background colour of your website. If that is the case, your potential customers will have a difficult time to read your valuable content. Needless to say, all the text on your website should be easy to read.

Therefore, when you are busy planning your web design, rely on colour, size, and spacing so that there is enough distinction between your different web design elements. For instance, white text needs to be against a dark background.

The case of the missing link

One sure way to drive your website visitors insane is to have any broken links on your website. As a matter of fact, you should check all the links on your website at least once a year. While you are checking your links, make sure that your logo is a link back to the home page of your website.

In short, any link should be easy to use. That means that it should clear to spot and big enough to click on. If visitors often click on the wrong link accidentally, increase the size of the link or remove some of the surrounding in-text links. Unnecessary clicks is one of the overlooked pain points of web design that will hinder your visitors website experience.


Turn down the sound of videos or stand the risk of turning off potential customers for good. Make no mistake, you can include sound in your web design, but any video that plays automatically is an automatic turnoff. Therefore, you should include a toggle option to turn off the sound.

Apart from running the risk of giving visitors a fright, autoplay videos are not conducive for work settings. Ultimately you want to communicate to your visitors that they can indeed control the experience and by setting your videos to blast loudly without any prompts will create the opposite effect. In short, it is usually just plain irritating.