3 Tips for Designing a Website for a Female Audience

If you want a website that is interesting, well received and effective, you need to have your audience and target market at the forefront of your mind from the very start. If you have a very niche audience, or a specific target market such as the female market interested in Bingo who play online at www.barbadosbingo.com, this audience will need to dictate every design move you make when you design a website that appeals to them.

In order to help ensure that you can create a website that appeals to the female population generally, no matter what their interests are, follow these tips which will help you succeed in designing a website for a female audience.

Do your homework

If you really want to get in the mind of your target audience and figure out what makes them tick, you’ll have to do research and use every avenue of information available to you. Luckily, we live in an age where information is in its abundance and can be predominantly found online if you know where to look. If you really want to do your website justice and firmly connect with the female demographic, you’ll have to do a lot of research. There are myriad ways to approach this, you could conduct surveys or questionnaires, look online for information, utilise social media and look at examples of other websites your demographic use regularly – what works for them? Why do their demographic love their website? What lessons could you learn from this? Once you have a firm understanding of what makes your audience tick, you will be able to make informed decision on the kind of design and content that will make up your website.

Don’t create a Barbie world

What do women want? The age old question muddled over throughout by ages by men and women alike. Women perceive colours differently to men, making the colour, design and theme of your website crucial to its success. The colour theme of you website can dictate heavily on how it is received by your female audience. If the first thing that came to mind when I mentioned colour is – Ok, pink it is then! Tread carefully, as this could be the nail in the coffin for your website if you’re wanting to attract business women. For many women, the colour pink is a very adolescent colour and it will be quickly associated with a girly website rather than a website for grown women. Think carefully about how you want to be perceived and tailor your colour palette accordingly. Neutural tones, pastel colours, red, greys and white work well for female websites with a focus on white as the dominant colour.

Think carefully about the typography

One this is for certain and that is that women are very visual and are generally more attracted to visually appealing websites. Th typography you choose to use throughout your website is an integral part of its success. Mix it up by using different fonts to make your website look interesting and especially if you are selling a product on your website. Click here to visit Barbados bingos online slot site where you can play games all day long.