Marketing your web designs to a B2B audience can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, but also a challenging one. The prospect of being your own boss and earning increased revenue entices many to move from permanent work to contracting. However, B2B marketing is not all about telling prospective customers about your business and what it does; rather, it’s about communicating the value of what you offer and the benefits it provides to the customer.

Marketing your web designs to a B2B audience

Is it exciting to start off as an IT contractor who works in web design?

Starting off as an IT contractor in web design can be an exciting endeavour, but it requires due diligence, discipline and some level of risk. You won’t enjoy the comfort and added benefits of a traditional job that comes with a regular salary, but you’ll have the chance to increase your revenue and have greater control of your life.

You will get to choose where you want to work from, be your own boss and choose the type of projects you want to undertake. You’ll also get to work on several projects, incorporate your favourite hobby into your work and harness more web design skills and experience.

What to expect from your future web design contracts?

As web design and IT as a whole evolve, the nature of contracts will change. Web designers will be required to not only create designs for clients but also implement various technologies in-line with ever changing clientele needs. For instance, designers will need to create dynamic and functional websites that complement different software. If a client requires a website to work in conjunction with their business applications, the designer should possess the right web design and software skills to get the job done.

Today, almost everyone can use the web. Even novice users are now like pros, swiping across pages and using multiple tabs at a time. The result is that everything has become faster, and users have become impatient. If you are to succeed in securing contracts, simpler designs that load faster should be among your top priorities. The future of web design and IT contracting will become dynamic as more companies seek contractors with specialised business and technical skills.

Tips for marketing your website designs to a B2B audience

When you market your web designs to a B2B audience, the first question to ask is: why does my service matter to a potential client? Also ask: will I offer value to my potential clients, and will they do business with me?

The secret to a successful B2B marketing campaign is focusing on what the prospect values. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Know your audience

Have a clear understanding of what your audience care about, and what they value. This will help you create a customer-oriented marketing plan.

  • Who are your audience?

It is essential to know beforehand who your audience are, and what their objectives are. What do you know about them? Who are your ideal clients?

  • What do they do?

Know the job title and position of your potential clients. This will not only help your marketing efforts, but will also help you target the right audience through different ad networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Know what they do on a daily basis. Are they gathering information or making decisions? Do they report to the company owner, director or president?

  • Where are they?

Answer questions about where your ideal clients are located. Where are they geographically and online? Should you connect with them on social media networks for B2B marketing, Yelp, industry websites, search engines, in their offices, at tradeshows or at conferences? Their location will impact targeting for your outbound and inbound marketing. For example, there’s no use in advertising on Twitter if your prospects are on Facebook.

  • When does your audience need you?

Do your ideal clients need your services or products urgently? Or is it something that they are not sure about? Will they connect with you at the end of the year, the beginning of the second quarter or after finalising their budget?

  • Why do your services matter to them?

This should be a major driver for any B2B marketing strategy to be successful. Why do your prospects care about your products and services? Do you offer any solutions for them? Does what you offer make their work more efficient? Do you save them time and money?

What to do before you are in a position to start accepting web design contracts

Before you start accepting work, you will need to set up a system for creating invoices to bill your clients; you can find a website that provides a receipt template to make this a straightforward and easy process. Companies such as have easy to use formats that are free to download and can be a lifesaver for client billing.

You also need to understand what the client expects from the website that you will build them. Companies will generally expect a timely, dynamic and functional website. The website that you create needs to have captivating images, enticing colours, relevant content, and it must load quickly. It has to be simple but use the latest technologies to make it stand out.

How to become an IT contractor in web design

Becoming an IT contractor offers you the freedom of being your own boss. You set your working hours and accommodate your work schedule into your personal life as you see fit. Many web design entrepreneurs who venture into IT contracting never look back.

Ask yourself whether web design contracting is for you. If you decide to embark on the venture, what remains is mostly administrative work.

To be a successful contractor, you’ll need to be self-driven. It can be a demanding endeavour with numerous challenges, but the rewards can be worthwhile.

You can start off as a contractor by knowing where the market is for your skills and experience. You also need to determine a competitive rate to charge prospects. Use different online tools and other resources to get an idea of what the market rate is for someone with your skills. Contact recruiters interested in individuals with your skills, making sure that your CV is detailed and concise.

Being a web design contractor can be a rewarding experience, but it does pose some challenges along the way. The secret to being successful at marketing your web designs to a B2B audience is to offer value to your potential clients. Find out what they need and how your expertise can benefit them.