When it comes to successful web development projects, there are more variables than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that the basic equation of intent is much different per industry. Put your primary efforts into web development technology, and your secondary efforts into search engine optimization potential, perhaps through the use of a blog segment on your website.

Major In Web Development, Minor In Search Engine Optimization

Within that large framework there are countless paths to take, but some basic principles to keep you on the path to success could be: start from scratch with modern tools, view the blog segment format from a popularity perspective, considering hiring help or purchasing development power as necessary, follow the trends that successful websites seem to be pursuing, and have your team subscribe to online education sites that deal with modern design thematics.

Start From Scratch

If you plan to make a blog as part of your modern web development projects, it’s better to start from scratch than try to just adjust what you already have in place. Technology and presentation of blog formats has changed drastically, even in the last year, and unless you want to try to figure out how to reformat your current material with entirely different sets of rules (especially when it comes to responsive formats), you might as well just bite the bullet and do a fresh WordPress installation and call it good. Because the new installation process and newly available plugins have a lot of SEO capability built right in, it will make your future adaptations that much more efficient.

View the Blog Format From a Popularity Perspective

If you’re planning on attempting a savvy web development project, you can shortcut a lot of your early workup stages by finding out what the most popular blogs are (usually distributed as lists), and simply taking the types of elements that you like from them manually. This can mean a bit of delicate coding, especially when it comes to custom CSS or custom javascript capability, but so long as you have the framework comprehension from the top five sites on the web, a lot of legwork will be saved on your part.

Consider Hiring Help Or Purchasing Development Power

Working on a web development project on your own can be an overwhelming task. That’s why the relatively recent development of being able to install the WordPress framework and then license amazing plugins to help your site run has been such a benefit to so many people. By putting down an entirely reasonable amount of money into a plugin license, you can essentially pick and choose from the work the best coders in the world are doing, thereby increasing your chances of looking professional via your site, and having world-class tech support at your fingertips. Installing the best WordPress plugins is typically a simple, one-click operation, and then it’s just a matter of organizing your settings, and your blog or site is ready to go.

Follow Trends Around Town

In addition to knowing what the most popular websites and blogs are on the internet, you should also keep your finger on the pulse of the ones that are edgy. These will often be the sites of new startup companies, or of creative individuals that make online portfolios. The inspirational edges of the internet can give your web development project that ‘x’ factor to set it apart.

Subscribe To Online Education Sites

There are a number of fantastic subscription sites that will give you the best information about tech topics surrounding the concept of web design, nearly on a weekly basis. The best instructors in the world will give you point by point instruction, and you’ll see immediate improvements in your web development bottom line.