In this article, you will find three key design trends that will help your project be always fresh and interesting.
So, what is trend itself? In fact, it is the reflection of current user`s preferences. It is something we can`t predict exactly or change. Nevertheless, we can do everything to make our website attractive for our customers.

Undoubtedly, design is one of the most important aspects that boost the user`s experience. It plays the major part in formation of brand identity. So why not to use its power?
Two important questions to ask before designing

What is your target market?

Make sure you know exactly the preferences of your target audience. Decide how you can make your website convenient for these people.

What do you want more: to set trends or to follow them?

Being radically different from others, doing something really daring, you put yourself at a great risk. But, if people appreciate it, you will be rewarded.

Web Design Trends for 2016

1. Use knolling product organization

Even if you had never heard the word “knolling”, you are already familiar with the trend. You can find it everywhere, especially in Instagram.
Look how it is used by

E-Commerce Design Trends in 2016

2. Use “the magic” of photos

You main task is to make a creative and unique product pics that will cause a positive reaction.
Your target audience should enjoy them on a psychological level of perception. Involve people. Ask 10 users, whether they are satisfied with your pics? If the answers are uncertain and mostly negative – change the style, find the best solution!

E-Commerce Design Trends in 2016

3. Go minimalistic

Minimalism allows to focus on the product you are interested in. It positively affects the conversion rate.
What do we associate with minimalism? Purity, simplicity, health, right? All this leads to less stress and boosts self-confidence. People love it, so this trend will be one of the most important on the growing segment of the global market for a long time.

E-Commerce Design Trends in 2016