With the wide availability of information on the internet, nearly everyone is googling something daily. You may google to settle a bet with a friend, or to learn the definition to an unfamiliar word. Alternatively, many people are using google as a way of self-diagnosing problems or looking for help. One way it is commonly used is by those suffering from addiction or mental illness.

Struggling with an addiction can be a shameful experience for many individuals. While they may not have the courage to voice their concerns with a doctor or spouse, they may begin looking for help on google. This is where you rehabilitation center steps in.

3 Tips for Designing a Rehabilitation Website

Recovery centers that specialize in addictions have a special place on the internet; namely as a first-response for addicts. How your site is designed can be the difference between an addict reaching out for contact or simply logging off. Included here are a few tips for designing a rehabilitation website that functions as an outreach center for addicts.

Be Approachable

Just as you want to be open and approachable to an addict in real life, you also want your site to offer the same kind of response. This means your website design should be welcoming and have many places where individuals can contact your company. You should allow email contact as well as phone, in case the addict is not prepared to speak with someone in person yet.

Additionally, your response time can be critical to getting someone help. Oftentimes, the decision to pursue treatment may come sporadically and indecisively. Without a hasty response time, the addict may change their mind and lose their resolve. Be sure you have some kind of response set up, ideally a 24 hour system, to allow immediate contact with potential clients.

Gain HTTPS Certification

Have you ever visited a website that had https:// before the site name instead of http://? That “s” represents a secure website with encrypted information. Google actually gives https:// sites priority over the less secure ones, so they get higher rankings on search engines. This is beneficial for your client because not only are they assured their information is private, but they also may see your site first based on their search.

Utilize Analytics

It can be hard to pitch to an audience if you don’t know who, or where, your audience is. Google Analytics allows your website to track searches that result in clicks on your webpage. The benefit of an analytical tracking system on your web page is invaluable. Analytics will allow you to understand what time of day most searches are made, and the keywords they are using to find your page.

You also may be able to glean understanding about the demographic of visitors and how to pitch to them more accurately. This means you may be able to alter the layout, color scheme and wording of your site to speak to a certain clientele. You can also ensure you have some of the best response employees working the phones at a certain time of day. Imagine if every addict got the response they needed at the exact moment they decided to make a change!