Having a beautiful web design is very important when you own a fashion blog. After all, how can your readers be expected to think you are someone who has great taste and really knows fashion, if your site is ugly or looks outdated?

Photo by Naypong at freedigitalphotos.net

Color is a crucial part of what makes a site look good, and when it comes to fashion websites, using colors that fit with the latest clothing trends can be a great idea when you are trying to establish yourself as being on trend and there with a wealth of inspiration for your fashion conscious readers!

Here is how to use fashion colors in your site design.

Choose From the Latest Colors

The first step is of course, to know what the fashionable colors are. For this, your best resource is the Pantone Color Institute. While you may have noticed in your research and general shopping a certain shade being very prevalent, Pantone’s palettes for each season will tell you the exact tone that is used as a defining part of the current season’s looks.

Pantone also reveal a ‘Color of the Year’ each year (though for 2016 they have actually surprised everyone by choosing a combination of two colors instead!).

Once you have found out what the current latest colors are, choose some of them that you think would look good on your website.

Get the Shades Exactly Right

You don’t just want something that vaguely matches the fashion colors of the season, so rather than messing about trying to get a close match, just get the HEX or RGB codes for the Pantone shades you want! There are tools to help you find them on the web, and then you can use them in your customizations of your chosen WordPress theme to apply them to your site.

This process is incredibly simple, and so there is no reason not to change your color scheme each season, or at least each year, to bring in the new trend colors.

Don’t Forget To Write About Your New Design Choices!

While using the latest fashion colors will make your blog look on trend, and will also compliment the pictures you are likely to be posting of the best clothing from your favorite online boutiques, fashion retailers and designers, you want your readers to know why you have changed your color scheme, or why, if you do it every season, your blog often has a fresh new look. Make a post that explains your color choices, how you made them, and also shows some clothes that tie in with the combination from the Pantone palette you have chosen.

With color being such a vital part of what keeps fashion changing and evolving, and also a very key part of good web design, by using the most on trend color scheme possible for your fashion blog you can really make a site with impact! Just make sure that the way you use the colors still makes your text easy to read and any branding you have still looks good.