SEO is absolutely crucial if you want your site to take off. Without it, it will be a real struggle to get a following, as your pages will be buried deep in users’ search results, even when they are looking for exactly what you are offering! SEO is the best way to put yourself in a good position every time somebody searches the web for topics relevant to your content, so you really need to take it seriously.


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DIY Websites

There are of course, a lot of aspects of creating and running a website you can do yourself. With WordPress, you can manage all of your content and keep your site up to date, and with WordPress themes you can get a great looking design with all kinds of functionality without having to contact a professional web designer. Because these things are so easy and commonly done by site owners, you may think the same would be true of SEO – that you’d just need to figure it out and then DIY it using tools and resources available free on the web. However, this is not really advisable for most website owners. Here are three reasons why:

SEO is a Constantly Moving Target

While there is a lot you can learn about SEO, it is not a stationary thing. As Google is constantly changing its algorithms and new techniques come along, and then lose their efficiency, a lot of the work involved in being good at SEO is staying on top of everything. This is the job of SEO specialists, but it isn’t a light undertaking for website owners with lots of other things to do, like running their businesses!

Using the Wrong Techniques Can Be Catastrophic for Your Site

Because SEO changes so much, and so rapidly, sometimes a technique with plenty of coverage on the internet has become outdated, and may even be one that Google now penalizes sites for using. Certain methods of getting backlinks to your site were once very popular SEO approaches, but now will actually harm your search rankings. This means that by messing up as an amateur, you won’t just end up with your SEO being ineffective – you may end up actually damaging your site.

You Have Other Priorities

SEO is a major part of what makes sites successful, but it is not the only thing required. You could have great search rankings, but if your content is boring or vague the people who find you won’t convert into customers or regular visitors. As the website owner, you need to dedicate your efforts to making the site great, and if you’re not an SEO expert, you won’t have the time to get to grips with both. Businesses run best when everybody is doing what they are best at and has a focus, so remember this, and use a professional like this Sioux Falls SEO company for your SEO.

While it may be possible to do your own SEO, in most cases it is not a good idea, and should only be considered if you really can’t afford to invest in a good consultant.