Nowadays, almost all businesses can reap benefits from local SEO. Since the last “Pigeon” update of Google from 2014, local SEO is gaining traction. This led to many entrepreneurs revisiting their strategy despite having no local tangent to their marketing campaigns for years. The importance of SEO Locale will only increase in the years to follow and it pays off to be aware of it.

Is Local SEO Becoming Increasingly More Important?

Google is fond of local businesses

The company has demonstrated that it favors small, new, agile local companies slightly more than the rest. While for the most part ranking is affected by the authority and history of a brand, Google wants people to have what they desire and this often comes in the form of local companies offering local services. It also has a lot to do with presenting small business owners with greater potential when it comes to breaking new ground with the limited resources at their disposal. The Pigeon update is also considered to be more locally-focused.

The rise of individualized results

Offering people individualized search results is also something Google loves. While the customization and predictability of results is something quite limited for now, the engine still generates specific results relevant to the person searching. If you have a Google account and you are logged in, your geographic location and search history both affect the displayed results.

The growth in the use of mobile devices

The number of online searches initiated from mobile devices has been on the rise for years and on-the-go searches from wearable devices will appear even more frequently.
Searches based on proximity will most likely become even more popular, and when people search for local services and products, results will be increasingly based on specific locations. The wearable devices will melt the difference between the physical and digital worlds and display more geographically-relevant information.

Competition between businesses is on the rise

Thousands of new businesses and millions of new sites establish themselves each year. As a result, the visibility of many websites is dropping and the national search landscapes are increasingly dominated by blue chip, long-standing brands.
This has led to a spike in competition, with many businesses forced to rely on smaller niches to secure long-lasting search visibility. Local optimization is one of the best ways to do this.

Starting a local SEO campaign

Why should starting a local SEO campaign be intimidating? The process is actually a very straightforward one, although it may take some time and work to achieve results.
Making sure your business is listed on the web in an appropriate and accurate way is key to your success. Create the local profile of your business in local directories. Consider review sites like TripAdviser and Yelp too.
Once you have all your local info in place, ensure it is well formatted and consistent across all websites and directories and start optimizing external links together with your own website content for local relevance.
Implement a consistent strategy and stay committed to its future implementation. You will see that your efforts will have a compounding effect in time.