There are thousands of great looking WordPress themes that are available for free at the moment but you should realize the fact that most of them are not safe. A safe WordPress theme is the theme that includes clean code and that is not offering hackers a free way into your site. Unfortunately, when choosing the best WordPress theme for your site, you may forget about the importance of making sure that the code is safe and clean.
To put it as simple as possible, clean code basically means that the WordPress theme does not include malicious or harmful coding put in by a hacker or by the theme’s author. Missing or hidden code can easily create havoc and when the hacker finds a door inside your site, you can lose everything that you worked so hard to build.

Understanding Safe WordPress Themes

The good news is that most of the free themes are not bugged. However, as you outsource to save money, you may end up with one that is bugged. It is a really good idea to check the themes before you add them to your site. Most of the people that run WordPress and that use free themes are not familiar with PHP and HTML so it can be too late when you decide to check and see if there is anything wrong with the theme.

Guidance To Consider:

The good news is that there are many things that you can do. Have your digital marketing department or those that take care of the site to do the following when developing websites:
– Download free themes only from reputable companies or from sites that are specialized in reviewing free WordPress themes.

– Only use themes that are offered by companies that do offer support. Support departments can be tested. In the event that there is a long time until a reply is offered, it is a good idea to consider a different company.

– Hire a professional to check the site. It will not cost much and you just need to hire a good freelancer that has the necessary knowledge to do just that.

Keep in mind that you should never download and use a free WordPress theme in the event that it was not updated in a really long time. This basically means that there may be a loophole the hacker can take into account. Unfortunately, according to Blog For Web, most site owners only think about updating WordPress and plugins. The themes also have to be updated from time to time, especially when a major CMS platform update takes place.

Remember that there are many themes at the moment that are no longer compatible with the latest WordPress version. It is usually best to opt for a completely new theme in the event that the theme you use at the moment is not updated and there is no support that is offered. Have patience and basically read all that you can about the theme developer and about the theme. If there are various complaints written, you need to consider another one.

Article By : Boris Dzhingarov