One of the best things about templates is that if there are enough of them, you can use them for a variety of different purposes. For example, if you go with a service like Shopify or other similar services that have hundreds of templates, there’s sure to be one that fits your needs. Here are a few ways templates can help in a variety of different fields when you’re gearing up for Cyber Monday.

Big Ticket Items

It’s even more important than usual to make sure that you use security seals from places like Verisign or TRUSTe when you’re selling items that go for thousands of dollars like the huge flat screen televisions, for example.

shopify-5447 According to Big Commerce, this can increase online sales by as much  as 36 percent because people feel a lot more secure. The right  template will have good places for you to put these seals, such as near  the bottom of your store where a lot of the call to action statements are.

 It’s especially important to go with templates that focus on call to  action when it comes to items that cost a lot of money because people  are going to be particularly hesitant about whether to purchase items  like this. Once you do get a conversion for big ticket items, you get a  lot of money in. For example, in some cases this could be the  equivalent of dozens or even hundreds of much smaller sales. As a result, it’s important to go with templates that make it easy to emphasize a call to action and a conversion rate.

For example, using a template to make it easy to drop in a contact phone number in the top right, maybe even with special formatting that matches the colors of the products you’re selling, is often a good approach for selling items that cost a lot.

Call to Action

You really want to emphasize that the customer should do something, because otherwise they won’t with an item that big. When it comes to smaller items that only cost a few dollars like a plastic necklace, potential customers might think themselves, “oh why not,” but this won’t happen for items that cost thousands of dollars nearly as often.

Since it’s so important to get the psychology of the sell down right for these products, it’s definitely a good idea to go with templates designed by people who have already had success at making sales happen.


An example of a type of store that can benefit from a template is a store that sells audio equipment. Examples of products you can sell on a store like this might include the following.

  • Headphones
  • Ear Buds
  • Surround Sound Systems
  • Bluetooth Speakers

Adding a little flair to a store that sells items like these can go a long way to help with conversion rates. This is where templates come in. If you can find templates that have musical notes in the background, or that show people listening to examples of the headphones you sell, it can make your site more appealing.

Stores with Testimonials

Obviously, it’s not necessary to have a testimonial on every site, but statistics pointed out on the Get Elastic site say that you boost sales by 40 percent or more when you include them. Including testimonials on your site can often be a tricky proposition, which is why it’s important to make sure that you have a template that accommodates this well. That way, all you have to do is plugin the testimonials and they will fit in there and look completely natural. There are various ways to do this, but the truth is that if you don’t have a lot of experience with web design, you are more likely to incorporate testimonials in a way that’s less effective than if you went with a template that is designed to accommodate them.

Testimonials from customers are especially good when it comes to services or when it comes to products that have a really seriously life changing effect on someone’s life. Products that are more in the entertainment arena like a poster aren’t as likely to generate believably gushing customer reviews as something like exercise equipment or some medical product.

If you can add customer testimonials that say how the customer had high blood pressure but was able to greatly improve it according to their doctor thanks to the use of a product, and that it may just have saved their life, this is going to be quite convincing, and it could go a long way to increase your conversion rates.

Overall, templates are a great way to match your particular sales and product strategy with a layout and style that works without having to spend a lot of extra time on it. All you have to do is choose the type you like, and you’re off to making your store.