Although freelancing is growing as one of the fastest business trends for making money through the Internet, it still has its limitations and the most prominent is money spent to create a website. So a proper website design is a must in order to put businesses front row center. As a designer, sometimes the biggest challenge can be to manage multiple clients, hiring a good developer and finding the right design studio to work in or for. However, let us introduce you to Webydo, the leading professional website designer studio for creative professionals like yourself. Webydo is enabling designers to take the driver’s seat of not only their design projects but all also to grow their design freelance or design agency. Let’s look at some of the premium features that comprise this advanced online design studio.

Working with Webydo

Working on the principle of what you see is what you get, Webydo provides a cloud platform for designers to create their websites. This permits the designer to work remotely anywhere and at any time without having to install a thing and to create HTML websites with a built in CMS without writing code. The two major integrated work environments provided by Webydo are :

  • Design management system for designing and creating online software for HTML websites.
  • Content Management System – This is where designers can create user logins for their clients to modify, delete or upload new files to their website. Designers can also set site permissions to lock specific design elements so the client won’t tamper with the actual design.

Publishing can be done independently by clicking on publish then browsing the website online. All websites will first be hosted on a Webydo subdomain, but you can upgrade later to a premium account and connect your site with a custom domain.

Webydo’s web and graphic designers take the responsibility of creating attractive websites for the clients related to anything in an easy, fast and standard price. It helps designers to start to build a website from a black canvas and let their creative designs take over. There are also fast pace ways to start like choosing from one of the dozens of readymade inspiration designs or editing the basic layout structure. There are no worries of setting up, installing, updating fixing or optimizing with the help of its growing technologies.

The freelance web-designing experts can engage in earning in a handsome profit without cracking any tough coding languages. Webydo has a wide collection of advanced professional features. It is possible to manage hundreds of clients from a single a dashboard and create multiple user logins for clients. In addition to this professional side, designers are able to white label or rebrand the CMS with their company logo to provide a more professional appearance. In addition, there is an option to send branded invoices to clients for services rendered.

Completely Code-Free, Design Away

The code free interface provided by Webydo automatically converts graphic design into codes. Everything from texts, images, video files, audio, flashes, galleries and even widgets, HTML codes to be dragged and dropped to fit in changes, in the theme. With the availability of precision tools like grid generator, different rulers and various guidelines which will allow them to check on every single pixel and ensure that they get the design what they are aiming to. Webydo generates cross-platform codes so that visitors are able to view the website across multiple platforms and devices.
It has an option that allows the users to view their designs while working on them. It saves a lot of time and energy

For security and safety Data updating and Data protection are one of the prime areas of work of webydo platform. It ensures that the websites are safe from the hackers and the database is secured.
Webydo in the very first glance is similar to Adobe Muse, but Webydo stands apart from Adobe Muse by providing crucial B2B features to create an independent website design business. Though Webydo is an online feature but working with it is similar to working with a desktop app. The whole team of designers can work on the same project at the same time irrespective of their location. The Content management system of Muse is somewhat limited whereas Webydo is constantly updated and upgraded with additional tools and new services.

Basic Requirement of a freelance website

The basic requirements that are needed for a website to enhance the freelancing business can be successfully achieved by utilizing the powerful features that Webydo is currently providing.
What is helping contribute most to Webydo’s success is the power of their fast growing community of 61K professional designers. Daily, these designers are keeping active on Webydo’s Participate page. Here, they are adding new feature suggestions, reporting bugs or system updates and voting on what should be added next. Webydo’s committed to the community of designers, and to provide them with the mot update working platform to meet their design needs. Try it out today by creating your Free account and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Today’s post is proudly presented by Webydo’s professional community of designers.