You just finished scheduling your surgery with The Bunion Cure. You’re a little worried about it, so now is the perfect time to take yourself on a solo date! There’s no better way to relax than to enjoy your own company. You don’t need anyone else there to do that!

5 Solo Date Ideas

Here are 5 solo date ideas.

Let’s get into it!

Visit a Park

There’s no better solo date than having your very own picnic! Visiting a local park makes for the perfect date vibe. It’s also incredibly easy to prepare for. All you need is a blanket, your favorite snacks, and a nice bottle of wine.

It’s so tranquil to sit alone and enjoy nature as you lay under a towering pine tree. You’ll be surrounded by the sounds of birds and squirrels scurrying about. Feel free to take a book or a notepad with you on your picnic date. Use this time to connect yourself with nature and freedom.

Cozy Café

You should consider going to a local café or coffee shop on your next solo date. The aroma of coffee and soft jazz playing in the background creates the perfect setting to cozy up with your favorite novel.

A coffee shop is also usually filled with others who are spending some much-needed alone time. You certainly won’t feel like an outcast. There’s something special when you’re around people who are absorbed in their own worlds. You’ll be by yourself but together in a way. That’s pretty magical for a solo date!

Fine Dining

Who said you can’t go to a fancy restaurant by yourself? Nobody. That’s who. Grab your phone, and get those reservations set at the restaurant you’ve been dying to try!

This will be a great opportunity to get dolled up and wear your favorite out. You want to treat yourself and feel your very best while doing it! There are plenty of people who like to go out to dinner by themselves. Don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. You’re sure to inspire others to feel comfortable doing the same.

The Cinema

Is there a movie you’ve been excited to see? Hop onto the movie theaters website and purchase your ticket for one!

Going to the movies is a wonderful solo date if you enjoy the cinema. You get to enjoy spending some quality time with yourself and your favorite actors – while enjoying some popcorn and a soda. We can easily call this a win-win.

Peaceful Night In

You don’t have to go anywhere to have a solo date night. Make your own date night right in the comfort of your home. This is the ideal date night for the introverts out there.

Light some candles, get your favorite playlist going, and pour yourself a glass of wine. It would be fun for you to look up some dinner recipes ahead of time – you can find some tasty options on websites like Pinterest. This date night is all about treating yourself to what you love the most.

Don’t forget the dessert!