You need a website to do business online. Trust me, every company from different industry verticals knows this. As a result, every day, there are millions of websites being launched. And every website has a common goal: to rank higher on the search engines. But if you want to know a secret that many companies don’t know still, it’s having a responsive design for your website.

Why A Mobile Responsive Website Is Important For SEO

Though all business owners want to have a website that looks good even on mobiles, very few of them really consider developing a responsive site. Nonetheless, a responsive website design improves the way your website looks on both large and small screens.

But a responsive website is not only for aesthetic purposes. It has a lot to do with your SEO. How? Read on to find out why a responsive website is so important.

Why Do We Invest In A Responsive Website Design?

We live in a society where different individuals prefer different screens. For the same reason, your site needs to be viewable across different devices. You never know what device your target audience might be using to view your site.

A responsive website fits both desktop and mobile. As a result, it becomes accessible to everyone. In 2015 Google announced that responsiveness will be an essential ranking factor in its algorithms, which means that having a mobile-friendly website will impact search engine optimization.

Here Are A Few Benefits Of Having A Responsive Design For Your Website.


It’s challenging to maintain separate sites for desktop and mobile users. Plus, creating two different sites can be heavy to your pocket. When you invest in creating a responsive website design, you can save money by eliminating the cost of paying for the other. You only need to invest in one site that is accessible for all visitors and all devices.


When you have just one website with responsive design, you can make changes from time to time without any hassle. On the other hand, having two websites means making the same changes on both sites. Flexibility is advantageous when you want to do some quick design modification or fix anything on your site, as you have to do it just once.

Improved User Experience

User experience is an important goal for every website owner. You want your visitors to like your site so that they come again and spend time. But imagine if someone tries to reach your website through a mobile device. If your website takes forever to load the pictures and content, it will appear unprofessional. A bad-looking website is a major turn-off for the visitors.

Additionally, no visitor wants to purchase from a company that looks unprofessional online. A responsive design will perform much better in creating a good user experience. The content will fit the screen, and the overall impression your visitors will have will be much positive.

Fueled SEO

Search engine optimization is an amalgamation of many factors. And the design and responsiveness of your website are among those factors. If you want to boost your website’s ranking, you need to appear in front of your target audience. A responsive design ensures that your target audience will find you no matter what device they are using to see you. As a result, you will get more traffic to your site, and it will grow organically. Responsiveness can bring a big boost to your search engine strategies.

Remember that you can never have a perfect design for your website, as perfection is always in progress. But your website must be attractive to your visitors. It is not possible to make every website look good on every device. But you can choose a responsive web design that goes well with both desktop and mobile. If you are convinced to invest in a responsive website, talk to a responsive web design agency about the cost and the benefits you will get. You are always welcome to speak to an expert at EWR Digital to get customized quotes for your responsive website design.