Running a short-term rental property can become a good stream of income. Yet, your business will hardly succeed without proper arrangement and control. From client communication and reservation management to check-out cleanings and restocking supplies between guests – Airbnb managers and hosts are inundated with responsibility.
And things get much harder when you have to administrate several Airbnb listings – the number of tasks requiring your attention grows exponentially.

Top 3 Best Airbnb Management Software in 2021

For this reason, many rental property entrepreneurs resort to professional Airbnb management software tools that can literally take the sting out of the business by automating most routine Airbnb operations. Let’s speak about the most reputed short-stay property management software products that can step up your managerial efficiency and help make more deals on platforms like Airbnb.

What Property Management Software Offers

Airbnb management software is meant to automate major time-grabbing tasks, which a host, otherwise, has to perform manually. With a properly chosen solution, you can expect the following tangible benefits for your short-term rental business:

  • Seamless guest communication – the program can automatically reply to prospects’ inquiries 24/7, including when you are offline.
  • Error-free calendar synchronization – the software can manage the availability of your homes across multiple websites (like Airbnb,, etc) to prevent double and triple reservations.
  • Streamlined task allocation – your cleaning staff can join the Airbnb rental management system to receive work orders automatically when your tenants check out.
  • More reviews – most services can send reminders to your clients, encouraging them to rate you and leave a positive feedback on Airbnb.
  • Better ranking with Airbnb SERP – with improved response times, a well-synced calendar, and more happy reviews, your listing is much likely to hit a higher position in Airbnb search result, thus, ensuring, your offering is visible to a broader audience.

If you consider investing in an Airbnb management app but do not want to end up with a mediocre product that does not live up to expectations, there is a shortlist of the best solutions famed for offering extensive functionality at a very reasonable price.


If you are searching for a feature-rich service that makes it very easy to administrate numerous listings through one dashboard, Guesty is a smart choice. This software is also optimized for Android and Apple mobile devices to let you view and manage your listings and reservations while on the go.
Key features:

  • Brand website constructor
  • Multiple account management
  • Communication automation
  • Centered Inbox
  • Calendar sync
  • Revenue management

Since every vacation rental business is different, Guesty does not offer one price to fit all. The final quote will depend on various factors, including a type of property, a number of platforms to integrate with, etc. You can apply for a free trial version to figure out whether this software can fully suit your needs.


This is an all-inclusive program, Hosty can streamline and automate virtually every aspect of your short-term rental venture, helping you quickly achieve the Superhost status on Airbnb. As befits a top-tier Airbnb management software solution, Hosty works smoothly on both desktop and mobile screens, so you can easily manage your listings while away from the PC.

What sets Hosty apart from others is its smart auto-pricing module that helps you stay wise with your rates and fully capitalize on what your property has to offer. The software can automatically adjust your rates per stay based on the seasonality, upcoming events in your town, as well as amenities and perks of your Airbnb lodging. This ensures that your offer stays competitive, yet not undervalued.

The greatest thing behind Hosty is that it can integrate with popular travel marketplaces like VRBO, TripAdvisor,, allowing you to keep tabs on your listings across various websites. It is also possible to integrate Hosty with any other platform of your choice.
Major features:

  • Airbnb SEO
  • Flawless client communication
  • Auto-pricing
  • Calendar availability management
  • Central Inbox
  • Direct payment processing
  • KPI reports and financial statistics
  • Mobile version
  • Multiple listing & Multiple channel management
  • Reservation management
  • Review management
  • Personnel management

Hosty appears to be one of the most affordable Airbnb management solutions out there as its monthly price can be as low as $7 per active property. The service is available as a subscription, and hosts can choose among three available pricing plans. Surely, there is a 14-day free trial period to help you decide whether Hosty can address all your requirements.


iGMS is a popular service to manage rental properties that is also jam-packed with different perks. It allows you to track your current bookings and check-outs, regulate your availability dates, and schedule orders for your maintenance staff.
Key features:

  • Automation tools
  • Channel manager
  • Inbox and automated replies
  • Mobile app
  • Payment processing
  • Reports
  • Task distribution

As for pricing, iGMS offers three plans: Flexible, Pro, and Enterprise, with the rates being as low as $1 per booked night per lodging. You can apply for a 14-day trial period to try the software in action before purchasing.


Airbnb management software is a wise investment for property managers and hosts looking to reduce their workload and optimize daily, time-wasting procedures. While the market abounds with all possible rental management options, only a few products can be considered truly the best. Those hosts who want to get the most bang for their buck should seriously consider Hosty. It boasts a very broad functionality at a very moderate fee. By putting your daily workflows on Autopilot, Hosty lets you save tons of time and effort on repetitive tasks, dramatically improving the performance of your business and driving you close to the covetable Superhost badge on Airbnb.