Though WordPress is among the most popular and simplest website creation tools, many designers (amateur and professional) prefer Drupal. Drupal offers simple and creative customization for both functionality and style. There are endless possibilities to improve the user experience with this slightly more advanced creation tool.

If you want to design a successful real estate site, Drupal can get the job done. It allows for simple customization that can enhance your overall website construction, attracting clients and queries that can grow any real estate business.

When using Drupal to compose your real estate site, here are some templates that come highly recommended.

  1. Realia

Realia - Drupal Theme

If you’re looking for clean lines, easy navigability, and a professional look, Realia is a great Drupal theme. It’s equipped with map features so buyers can search based on region. Since location is the number one factor for real estate, this ability is extremely important.
The design is a little flat compared to some of the other real estate themes you’ll see on the web, but that contributes to the more modern-looking design. It doesn’t interfere with your ability to showcase houses and even makes each individual listing stand out more clearly.

  1. Light Real Estate

Light Real Estate Drupal Theme

For just $66, you’ll have a theme that offers advanced HTML5, CSS3, RDFa, and ARIA coding capabilities with a beautiful layout. Despite the things Light Real Estate can do for customization and creativity, it’s still easy to assemble and offers a relaxed, homey feel for your website.

There are various colors and image preferences available to make it customizable. Additionally, there are alignment settings and a custom grid layout so you’re promised a clean, responsive design that’s ready to please any visitor.

  1. Real Estate

Real Estate

What this site lacks in name creativity, it makes up for in simplistic, aesthetic design. If you’re just beginning in the design realm, using Real Estate to design your Drupal site is highly  recommended. You can put everything together in just a few minutes.

The most time-consuming aspect of creating this site is designing your logo, team pictures, and property listings. Once you have those ready to go, however, the process for getting them on your site is quick and simple.

  1. Citilights

Citilights is a premium Drupal theme that offers everything you could hope for in a creative and beautiful real estate site. Its color scheme and image capabilities make the site feel like home for visitors, which is helpful for generating conversions.

Whether you’re creating a property listing portal or an agency website, you’ll have advanced search, Google map integration, property featuring, and agent listing features to create a website that does everything you need.

  1. Real Estast

If you’re dealing with a website that needs more of a business feel, try Real Esast. The theme is optimized for multiple real estate agents with hundreds of listings, and this template has helped many realtors grow their clientele. When they visit the site and see the options for both agents and potential listings, they’re more interested in booking a meeting with a company.

Real Estast is equipped with every function of a good property site. It has Google map integration, search features, multiple pages, easy navigation, and excellent image optimization. It will be well-indexed in search engines and eye-pleasing when new clients come knocking.

  1. Properta


At just $53, you’re getting a great deal for this all-inclusive, high-quality Drupal theme. Properta has all the usual features for a great real estate site including map integration and a great listing format, but what sets this site apart is the search functionality.

Users can easily filter their search results based on number of bathrooms, bedrooms, locality, type, price range, and more. Once a search has been filled out, you can easily change any of the filters on the side panel to get better results. Because search is one of the most important features for home buyers, this is a vital feature that will attract visitors from all over.