RunCMS Free CMS Script

Runcms Includes most things a webmaster would expect from a cms: downloads, links, tutorials section, polls, forums, news, faq, contact form, rss feeds, file uploads, blogging via xml-rpc, & more. Possibility to manage users as groups with module/block specific access permissions, and extend functioality via 3rd party module plug-ins. Has a simple yet good themability. Easy enough to use for users, while staying simple enough to extend & customize for coders. History: RUNCMS (E-Xoops) is a extensible content management system based on the v1 core of Xoops. Evolution: ThatWare -> PHP-Nuke -> myPHPNuke -> Xoops -> RUNCMS (E-Xoops) 25 May 2004 E-Xoops Changed name to RUNCMS to mark that it”s it have gone its own seperate way in evaluation from Xoops. While xoops has decided to rewrite it”s core (v2) to make massive usage of classes, OO style coding, & the smarty templating system, RUNCMS (E-Xoops) has decided to keep the v1 core & improve upon it, by making it stabler, faster, & even simpler to modify than it was before. Like this even non-hardcore php coders can easily jump in and start making modifications.

Development Status: Production/Stable

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

Operating System: Linux, Unix, Windows

Environment: Web Environment

Translations: English

RunCMS Free CMS Script