WordPress is a versatile content management system, capable of producing websites fitting for any company or personal use. In order to take full advantage of building a website with WordPress, you’ll want to install an impress, modern theme. The best option when installing a WordPress theme is often to choose an Open Source one. This allows you to review the code used to compile the theme, more easily find compatible plugins, and perhaps best of all, it generally means the theme will be free. Install one of these stunning new themes to give your website an updated, 2017 appearance.

10 New Open Source WordPress Themes for 2017

1. Flat

Flat wordpress theme free

If you, or your clients want to start a blog or informative website, the Flat theme is a great option. This open source WordPress theme, fresh for 2017, is great for displaying slim vertical columns of text in well color-blocked formatting. It’s setup for easy display of blog posts, and has neatly organized image placement which also makes it ideal for review-based websites.

2. Ember

Ember WordPress Theme Free

This free, open source theme for WordPress is full of cutting edge features. It’s fully responsive, so you don’t have to worry about tailoring it to certain screen sizes. It supports Parallax scrolling, allowing you to create blog-type sites without additional plugins. This theme includes a professional icon set that works great for tech businesses. If you have reseller hosting, and are designing websites for clients, this may soon be the most popular theme in your portfolio.

3. Customizr

This open source theme for 2017 is visually stunning. As the name implies, it’s highly customizable, but the default options look great on any business-based website. It’s a full-width theme with left and right sidebar and a wide center column. It allows threaded comments, sticky posts and a slider for featured images. This theme has RTL language support for those wanting a blog or site where users from around the world can comment and have multi-threaded discussions.

4. Spacious

Also found in the top 2017 open source WordPress themes is the Spacious theme. Use this on any WordPress site where you’re going to display portfolios, blog posts, and call-to-action pages. While definitely designed for business websites, this theme will get you results for business or personal usage. It has a sleek, three-color design which is customizable through the backend color options. It’s responsive and has a 4-image slider to display your best work up front. You can choose from either a widescreen layout or boxed appearance, which let’s it conform to your content more easily.

5. ionMag

This free WordPress theme is great for clients with a magazine, newspaper, or journalism-based business. It’s a large grid style theme with SEO formatting throughout. This includes varied header styles and search engine crawler-friendly content blocks. Easily update any content-rich site by installing this 2017 theme. It comes with extensive documentation and how-to’s, something not always found in free themes. The ionMag theme includes a front-end page builder, so you can make changes while browsing your site as an administrator, and get live results. This is as simple as dragging and dropping content to your desired areas, which also makes training your clients very easy.

6. RokoPhoto

The RokoPhoto theme is great for photography websites. That makes is a must-have for web designers and developers with reseller hosting, since websites in the photography niche are often in high demand. Attain new clients by offering this open source theme, and displaying it in your portfolio.

7. ColorMag

ColorMag from ThemeGrill is a great theme for any online magazine or publication. It displays large blocks of text and media in a neat, organized format. It’s one of the best 2017 WordPress themes for user-retention, since it has a distinct and easy to read system for displaying your posts. ColorMag lets you skip the CSS editing with a color wheel and html color fields, making it ideal for those without any CSS knowledge. This open source theme has 15 widget areas, so installing additional features is simple and convenient. Use these widget areas to rotate your advertisements with the built-in ad-rotation option, and you’ll see better click-through rates in no time.

8. WP Knowledge Base Theme

This theme is designed for knowledge bases, much like wikipedia or wikihow. It allows for better organization of user contributions, and makes it easy for users to add value to your website. In the spirit of knowledge bases, it’s open source and free to use. This theme uses jQuery and Bootstrap, and supports the relevant WordPress plugin BBpress.

9. OnePress

OnePress is a great new theme for 2017. It brings a unified, concise appearance to any website with small to moderate amounts of content. This is great for websites selling services, or just posting general information about their companies. Using a theme like this can prevent your site from looking empty, even if you are lacking in content, since it utilizes white space as part of its intended aesthetic. This theme is SEO-friendly, and designed to load fast.

10. Virtue

The Virtue theme for WordPress is brand new for 2017, and brings a clean, professional look to any eCommerce or item review site. It works with Woocommerce, a WordPress plugin that turns your website into an online shop, making it easier than ever to start a web-based store. Since it uses color-wheels and user-friendly point and click options for customizing design elements, it’s great for beginners who don’t want to edit any CSS. This theme is fully responsive, so it’s mobile-friendly right out of the box and ready for modern web customer, many of whom now primarily use cell phones to shop.

You can’t go wrong using open source WordPress themes, they are free and compatible with any host that allows WordPress installation. They are easy to install and quick to setup, meaning they also work great for web designers, or those with reseller hosting who want to build sites for others. Use one of these 10 themes today to ensure your site looks current on the web.