More and more people have begun cultivating an interest in photography as a hobby or profession since the proliferation of quality smartphone cameras and the availability of photo-sharing apps and websites like Flickr, Instagram, and Snapchat. It’s not just the proliferation of photographing technology which has increased interest in being able to take a great photo; it’s the growth of those social media channels which encourage people to share photos of personal or special moments.

But whether you’re a hobbyist photographer or a professional photo journalist, a photo gallery website can help collect and display your best collection of photos, often easier and more simply than many social media website. And even better? You can share your website url even with people you haven’t friended on social media. If you’re a professional photographer or any kind (or, let’s say, a would-be professional) having a beautiful website to display your photos can be essential in gaining clients. But it can take more than browsing free website builder reviews and slapping a few photos onto a blank template to make a great photo gallery website.

Ideally, a photo gallery website should showcase photos in a neat and streamlined way, without forcing photos into specific dimensions (stretching or skewing them unpleasantly), with easy-to-use gallery functions which are quick, fluid, and optimized for mobile display.

We’re showcasing three free wordpress photo gallery themes which install in seconds and are remarkably easy to set up and use (generally taking less than 30 minutes each to get optimized) to help you get a leg up on displaying your photography skills. One of the reasons we recommend WordPress themes is because WordPress provides access to thousands of free plugins to optimize gallery displays, and is incredibly cheap to install and easy to use. Naturally, Rokophoto Lite tops the list.

Rokophoto Lite WordPress Theme

Three Free WordPress Photo Gallery Themes

The modern, flat-designed look is very hot in web design now; and Rokophoto Lite utilizes those styles beautifully. Coded into the theme are fantastic, animated page transitions which include smooth scrolling, making any website look professionally-built. Optimized for speed, its pages load fast even when burdened with over 100 photos per page, and its lack of superfluous text elements help to beautify the photo displays. This is a theme that would work well for professional or personal galleries, and can be updated to have a punch of personality relatively easily.

FukuwasaWordpress Theme

Fukuwasa is another WordPress theme in the minimalist style, and is ideal for displaying photos or art projects of all kinds. It boasts a retina-ready display for HD screens, a responsive layout (a necessity, these days), and a fabulous masonry image display. In fact, it wonderfully mimics Pinterest photo displays, with a comprehensive grid-like function, helping all your photos to look clean and organized. Jetpack’s infinite scroll plugin is built-in, so that there’s no need to worry about pagination or making large galleries multi-page for speed concerns. And like most free themes, you can easily change the website’s palette, logo, widgets, and other organizational details.

Temptation WordPress Theme

If you prefer for themes to come pre-loaded with all the features they need to operate at their best, rather than needing to hunt down for plugins to spruce them up, the Temptation theme might be the one for you. Like most themes these days, it’s responsive and modern, with a stark black and white base look that adds a lot of visual interest right out of the back. With beautiful full-width photo features and headers, as well as mini sliders, tile galleries, and masonry layout capabilities, Temptation is powerful and makes a great visual statement. It also boasts other great custom photo features, including seamless carousels, showcase widgets, and custom header and background options so that you can tailor the look and feel of your website to the subject of each gallery.

But Don’t Stop There

Installing a great theme is just the first step! If you want to do all of your photos justice, you can find free plugins which allow you to cross-post photos to your social media whenever you upload them, or can add interesting functions to photos such as hover-over text. You can even easily install functions such as smooth-scrolling or parallax effects after setting up your theme.