Creating and placing content into a search results page, or an archive, takes some thought. You need to think about how to do it, in order to create the best possible experience for visitors to your website. You also need to think about how the choice you make will affect your search engine rankings.

In this article, we are going to examine the pros and cons of using infinite scrolling or pagination. Hopefully, we will help make the choice easier for you by providing you with some useful information.

Which is better, pagination or infinite scrolling

Infinite scrolling – positives and negatives

If you have ever spent time checking out news pages on social media sites such as Facebook, you will have experienced infinite scrolling. You simply need to keep scrolling down the page to see all of the information on offer.

The positive aspect of infinite scrolling is that it can be a good way of delivering a piece of news when users do not want to search for a specific piece of content. You may have seen that it’s also easy to add to this type of content; you simply need to add another entry at the top of the page.

Although infinite scrolling can work well on some occasions, it does have several negative aspects to it. One problem is that until content is revealed by scrolling it remains hidden. It’s a lot easier for Google to index content that is not hidden. It seems that this may mean that infinite scrolling can have an adverse effect on search engine rankings.

Using infinite scrolling can also make the loading of your site a slower process. This is something that can also lead to an issue with search engine rankings.

It’s also worth remembering that infinite scrolling can be extremely irritating for users. It’s possible to find exactly what you were looking for, but not be able to bookmark it. So, next time it feels like starting again.

Pagination – the good and the bad

Pagination is a popular website tool. You can see pagination first hand every time you access a Google results page. You simply need to access whichever number results page you want. You can also go through all of the results pages just by clicking to go to the previous page, or the next one.

This means that users can remember approximately where in the list a product, or piece of information, was. This is a positive aspect of using pagination as opposed to infinite scrolling,

This is a user experience positive of using pagination. There are also SEO benefits to be had, the links from and to each page are specific. This makes it easier for Google to view pages in connection with each other. This is helpful when it comes to establishing the search engine ranking of your business.

If you are looking to secure good search engine rankings then pagination looks to be the best choice. That being said, there may be a time when infinite scrolling is the best choice to make. If you need help to decide which is the best option access this link to speak to a professional. In the meantime, hopefully we have provided you with enough information to at least start the process of deciding which is best for your business.