The rise of mobile and digital during the last decade has had a transformative impact on the consumption habits of magazine readers. Physical copies were once the de facto means to reading periodical publications, but people are now readily consuming content on smartphones, tablets and other connected devices at anytime, anywhere.

Moving to an online platform is imperative in the digital age due to shifting audience expectations as readers now favor content that is portable and easy to carry, sustainable and offers perks such as immediate delivery. Making the switch to online can be hugely beneficial for your publication as you will be able to deliver fresh and relevant content, expand distribution, boost sales, improve readership rates and lower publication costs.

Creating An Easy-to-Access Online Magazine

Creating a digital magazine

You will need to consider aspects such as audience and editorial development, advertising and design when launching an e-zine. Begin by outlining a target audience profile, and then break this down further to as many possible demographics as possible. Once your concept is set in stone, you can move on to the editorial aspect and determine what sections you want to include in the online magazine. Remember to adopt an audience-centric approach here as you want to create content that will inform, educate and benefit your readership.

Great design is a prerequisite for a successful online magazine. The online business landscape is extremely competitive, so your publication needs to stand out from the crowd to drive clicks and engagement. There are various powerful design and publishing solutions available. Joomag, for example, allows users to incorporate interactive content such as video, images and sound into a magazine. FlipHTML5 software is also great if you want to transform static PDFs into digital quickly and easily. You will also have to decide whether you want to create a dedicated mobile app for your magazine.

Digital marketing

A robust digital marketing strategy is critical for maximising online magazine circulation. You should always sell your e-zine on your corporate website as this is your central hub for driving traffic by organic SEO and converting email subscribers and other regular visitors. A rotating ad at the top of the page with subscription offers, for example, can be incredibly effective. You should also advertise your mobile editions in email newsletters.

Any marketing efforts would not be complete without an extensive social strategy. Billions of people log onto sites such as Twitter and Instagram, so you must leverage these platforms effectively. Facebook is the largest social platform, and e-zines can use advanced remarketing methods such as embedding a Facebook pixel into the publications to convert readers into page “likes.” When creating an ad on the platform, you automatically get an ad account, which allows you to create a piece of code called a pixel. The Christian Community Bruderhof has used a similar method to spread their message online.

Prepare for launch

Buying banner ads on sites that your target audience will potentially visit can also help to publicise your magazine just before launch. You should now be ready to publish your first issue. To ensure that you get the most from your venture into digital, track metrics and conduct analytics to see where the most traffic is coming from and the pages with the most hits. Use this data to adapt and optimise your marketing and future content efforts.