Thinking of setting up your own website but don’t want to pay a fortune? Maybe you only need a basic website and don’t want to be committed to a monthly fee to help keep outgoings down?

There is a wide range of web hosting services available across the industry and not everybody needs an all-singing, all-dancing website that costs the Earth and then there are budget ones. There are a number of options that are either completely free or are very reasonable so you can spend your money on something else.

A Guide to cheap Web Hosting

What the decision really comes down to is what you will be using your website for. If you only require a few pages and don’t expect lots of visitors to the site, then there is little point in investing a load of money in an expensive web host that includes features that you will never need to use. Forbes offers some top considerations to take into account when selecting your web host.

You might not need a sophisticated site builder or aneCommerce functionality along with a million plugins that you have no idea what people would use for. If that is the case then you can opt for some of the cheaper web hosting solutions. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best cheap web hosts that are around and some of the key features and benefits of each:

WordPress is the world’s favourite website content management system, accounting nearly 60% of the market share according to WordPress offers a free blogging website but you are limited in terms of themes, storage space and there is a catch when it comes to the domain as you will have to pay for custom domain names. However, this solution is completely free and may work for you if you don’t require full hosting services.

1&1 UK

You can purchase web hosting for as little as 99p per month with 1&1 UK. With a good reputation for Uptime and its provision of WordPress support, it is a very popular choice with both new and experienced website owners who are looking for a cheap web hosting service.


Another provider that prides itself on its Uptime (99.9% guarantee), a GoDaddydomain and website can be purchased for as little as £1 per month but hosting starts at around £3 per month which is similar to other providers. Benefits include unlimited bandwidth and disk space, downsides include paying extra for a website builder and the limited amount of email included in the deal.

There are many more web hosts that all offer a variation of deals, ranging from free, more limited hosts to fully enhanced but more expensive options. Alternative web hosts include Bluehost, HostGator, DreamHost, SiteGround amongst many others.

If your web hosting requirements are minimal then there really is no reason to fork out for the expensive hosts when many of the alternatives can offer everything that you need. When choosing your web host, don’t be drawn in by fancy features and services unless you know that you will be getting value out of them. Remember, selecting your web host is a big decision, so don’t be ashamed to seek the help of the experts.