Movavi Screen Capture for Mac works like a DVD recorder that let you record TV shows. Nowadays, there are online TV streaming services and video sharing sites that allow you to watch movies and TV programs on the internet. You no longer have to switch on the TV to watch the shows because all these shows can also be watched online. Nowadays, it is outdated for people to use DVD recorder to record a show they like to watch. Instead, they use a screen recorder software like Movavi Screen Capture for Mac to record the show.

Record Movies and TV Programs with Movavi Screen Capture for Mac

There is no complicated step to record the show and beginners without technical knowledge can quickly learn how to record the show. The recording frame which appears when the control panel opens must first be adjusted to the exact area where you want to record. It is not a fixed size and its size can be changed by entering the custom resolution. Some people prefer to record the movie in smaller mode, for example theater mode on YouTube while others like to record the movie in full screen mode. Movavi video recorder for Mac allows you to record the movie in both modes.

Record Movies and TV Programs with Movavi Screen Capture for Mac You must find out how high and wide is the display resolution of the video player if you want to set the recording frame to record only the video without the other areas being recorded. This save you the time of having to crop out the unwanted areas in the video editor. The screen recording is triggered when you press the Rec button or press the F10 keyboard shortcut. You should set the frame rate at at least 28 – 30 fps if you want the video to play smoothly. Setting the video capture frame rate to lesser than 16 fps can causes the video to be jagged. If you don’t mind watching the movie in poor quality, you can save it in a lower frame rate to help you save disk space.

When you hit the stop button, the screen recording will stop immediately and it will show a player for you to play back the video you are recording just now. You can use the two triangle markers to select the part that you want to save on your computer. When you purchase Movavi Screen Capture for Mac, you get the Movavi Video Editor software for free. You can apply different types of settings for example animated transitions and special effects onto the video. You can add text like subtitles to selected segments of the video.

New recordings can be inserted into the timeline to merge with the existing recording. To edit the video, you must move the marker across the timeline to the segment of the video that you intend to modify. You will be able to preview the edits that you made on the video in the small preview pane above. When you are satisfied, you can press the export button and save it in a preferred format.