It’s virtually impossible to overstate the value of a website’s homepage. It serves as a company’s portal to the online world and needs to be carefully tweaked and optimized until it effectively conveys what the business stands for.

If you aren’t paying attention to web design and layout, then your priorities are out of line.

3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Homepage’s Website Conversions Today

Why Your Homepage Matters

Contrary to popular belief, brands have very little control over how they appear online. Sure, you can build social media profiles and establish relationships with external publishing platforms, but in the end, other companies and individuals control those websites. They have the right to remove or restrict what you post.

Your website, on the other hand, is totally yours. Nobody can tell you what can and can’t go on your website. You have the final say in regards to design, content, and branding. This is why your homepage is so important. It’s your little slice of the internet.

3 Tips for Increase Homepage Conversions

So, it stands to reason that you should maximize the value of your homepage, which is the most prominent page on your website. Let’s take a look at some of the top tips for increasing conversions on this all-important page.

  1. Simplify Everything

The best piece of advice is to start by simplifying. The most successful homepages are the ones that feature only the necessary elements. Use the 80-20 rule to improve your existing page. What 20 percent of your homepage provides 80 percent of the value? Keep this and discard the rest.

Dropbox is the perfect example of how effective a minimalist homepage can be. Their homepage is about as simple as possible, but still does an effective job of driving conversions. This is because they removed the fluff and focused on what matters.

  1. Incorporate Landing Page Elements

When thinking about the homepage, most people don’t immediately consider conversions. Typically, onsite conversions are tied to dedicated landing pages. And while landing pages will still produce a healthy percentage of your conversions, the homepage ultimately plays an important role, too.

One of the best tips for increasing conversions on the homepage is to incorporate elements that are traditionally found on landing pages. Specifically, including conversion buttons and social proof techniques can be a big help.

Check out how Plumfund, a leading crowdfunding platform, does this exact thing on their homepage. There are three conversion buttons front and center at the top of the page: “Sign up now,” “Learn more,” and “Tell a friend.” All of these are designed to drive conversions from the very start.

  1. Use High Quality Visuals

In the late 90s and early 2000s, the goal of homepage design was to cram as much copy and written content into the page as possible. The idea was that more information led to higher engagement. Over time, we’ve realized that this isn’t the best approach. In reality, it’s better to tell stories and engage users with high quality visuals.

You can see just how effective an emphasis on quality visuals is by studying the 4 Rivers Smokehouse homepage. The entire homepage features less than 100 words, yet the visitor somehow grasps everything the brand represents. This is the power of visual content in modern homepage web design.

Prioritize Your Homepage

Let’s be clear: your blog, product listings, and other pages have value. However, the reality is that your homepage sets the table for all of these URLs. The majority of your site visitors will come through this page – or at least visit it before leaving. Failing to realize the importance of the homepage will put you behind the proverbial eight ball.