All companies realize that client business is the key to your success, but are your potential clients falling through the cracks? If your website is not inciting interest in your clients, you could be losing hundreds of prospective clients each day. So how do you get these clients involved? The key to a great website is in your template design and site traffic.

Have you ever wondered why those sterile, white Apple stores seem to be appealing to so many people? There is something interesting about the “blank space” they utilize. The same psychological principles Apple uses should be utilized on your business website. Included here are a few tips for getting clients involved through your website.

3 Tips for Getting Clients Involved Through Your Website

Be User-Friendly

The worst thing you can do to yourself as a business owner is to create a website that is unnavigable. Clients are not going to want to spend much more than a minute searching for your contact info or pricing quotes. All information must be easily accessible and understandable if you want them to pursue you for proposals.

A good way to keep your website user-friendly is by utilizing a customized template. It is best to have your navigation bar along the top of the screen, so prospective clients can easily navigate to any areas of the site they find interesting or necessary. Website design is no place to play with “inventive” navigation tools.

Build A Blog

One way to get even more clients visiting your page and getting involved in your business is through writing a blog. Now, before you get started, keep in mind that a poorly managed blog may do more harm than good. Be sure you have the time and talent to properly maintain your blog, or hire someone who does.

Blogs can be a great way to produce informative content online that allows more customers and clients to be drawn to your webpage. Keep the 7-1 ratio in mind, where you are producing seven informative articles for each self-promotional article. Articles must be well-written and involve educational or humorous material that interests readers.

Utilize Other Audiences

It can be incredibly tricky to build an entire audience from the ground. If you design a great new website but it is not coming up on search engine rankings or generating client traffic, it is useless to you. Pulling people into your site can be as simple as utilizing another blogger’s audience.

Now, some people think this sounds like “stealing” but it is actually good for both you and the other blogger. Consider writing a guest post on someone else’s blog and linking back to your website. Additionally, some of your traffic will visit the original blogger’s page, giving both of you a boost.