Everybody loves to win. Especially when the competition is tough, you do your best, and your best is good enough! Some things are a lot easier to win at than others.

You might be a superb air hockey player. You may be a wonderful mathematician. You could win a competition easy as pie. However, winning is not so easy when sheer luck is involved. When the odds are against you and the probability isn’t in your court, what are things you can do to turn the odds in your favor?

2 Fun Ways to “Win the Internet” in Regards to Your Website

The internet is one such game. There are about a billion websites out there. Your chances of being seen are pretty slim to none if you don’t have strategy and an honest amount of luck on your side. Lucky for you, there are ways you can bend the odds to be in your favor. There are ways you can score a huge internet win in regards to your website and getting seen. Here’s how:

Promote with Video

This is the video age. Text is necessary and images are good, but neither will get you the traffic you’re looking for like a video will. However, it can’t just be any video. The Dollar Shave Club set the bar for videos. Nobody knew who they were until they made a video that went viral that won them the internet and made them the money they desperately shaved…er…craved. Use humor, or use something that looks really cool.

Park West Gallery is also great at using videos to their advantage. People process video much faster than text and when you’re selling a product or displaying the product you’re hoping to offload for a pretty penny, video is the surefire way to bring the ball to your court to score the winning point.

Bring the Surprise Factor

People live to be entertained. The internet is no different. In fact, it’s been the primary promoter for the shortening of attention spans and the need for constant consolment. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just means that you have to bring your A-game.

If you’re a blog or content based site, stun your audiences with awe-inspiring titles. If you’re a website that just promotes plumbing, be sure to hire an amazing web designer or graphic artist to make your site creative and intriguing.

You could incorporate moving pipes that look like a labyrinth to make people feel like they’re playing a game. Be sure to make it easy to figure out. The trick is to draw people in, but not make things so intricate that people lose interest and exit your site all together.

You’re dancing a fine line in regards to keeping people where you want them. If the viewers can’t find your site, or exit upon entrance, you’ve lost the game. If you keep them wanting more and you give them a taste of what they’re looking for, plus something more, you will win the internet and you’ll probably be a millionaire.