The world of car mechanics and automobile repair is something that’s very much outdoors, hands-on, and pretty grubby – a far cry indeed from the online world of blogging! If you run an auto repair shop, you’re probably wondering why in the world you’d ever consider starting a blog. You’d be surprised – in today’s digital age, you’re much more likely to have customers search the internet for answers than call you up and if you’re not there and ready to provide the information they need, they’ll get it from your competitors instead. Ouch. To avoid this, we recommend starting and maintaining an information-packed, engaging and interesting blog.

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The Benefits of Blogging

Just in case the thought of your competitors snatching your precious customers away from behind their computer screens wasn’t enough to have you frantically searching for the best blogging platform, there are a multitude of further benefits that make blogging a no-brainer. If you’ve been struggling to expose your business to more potential customers and want to expand your customer base, blogging can help – just share your blog posts on your business Facebook page and ask your followers to kindly share them with their friends to help spread the word. Blogging can also save your time – there’s no need to answer the phone to exasperated customers with car problem questions when all the answers they need are neatly laid out on your blog for them to read.

What to Blog About

Simply put, you should blog about something that is relevant to your business that will interest your customers. In your case, this means cars and other vehicles – which leaves you with a huge variety of sub-topics. Informational articles and how-to guides always go down well, and it can leave you with more time on your hands to get to work in your shop. You can also blog about the services you offer to provide customers with an insight to the work that you do and the results that you get. Blog about how you can protect a car in the winter using, for example – or even a fact list about your favorite classic car. If you get enough traffic to your blog, you could even start advertising auto products on it through reviews, product descriptions and guest posts.

Bringing in Customers

You might be asking how blogging can bring in more customers for you. The answer is simple – the more people who are interested in your blog, the more potential customers you have who are visiting your website and becoming aware of your brand and services. For example, let’s imagine that you carry out a restoration job on a classic old car for a customer. You blog about it, and the customer shares the blog post on his Facebook page for his friends to see. Being a classic car enthusiast, he has a lot of friends who also own classic cars – and after seeing your fantastic work, a few of them make a booking through your site.

Blogging is essential in the business world – even when you’re using to working underneath cars!