Ever since 2014 we learned the fact that videos are much more effective in promoting something online than any other content type. Videos are now a chosen content platform type that is highly effective. Also, various special video segments like the podcast can be a content form in itself. That can be used as a way to achieve online objectives.

The large fight between video marketing platforms is now between Facebook and YouTube. Such online giants will surely fight for domination for many years now. YouTube is definitely the main platform of choice but Facebook is a strong contender. It is expected that the platform will keep growing in the following years. Because of this, it is the right time to use Facebook videos in order to promote businesses.

Facebook Videos In Order To Increase Site Traffic

It is worth mentioning that although YouTube does have the title when it comes to overall views, we have Facebook as a leader in terms of desktop views. Based on statistics, Facebook now has over 1 billion video views daily. The current trends definitely favor the social media giant, making it a huge part of social media marketing.

The reason why Facebook is so strong is content discovery. Regular users will go to the YouTube site in order to watch a video. They do not go on the site to upload content. This is where Facebook steps in. The network curates the videos for the user and shows specific content in a news feed based on a special algorithm. Facebook is thus a great video source for regular people.

Facebook Videos And Online Marketing

Successful internet marketers have already been using Facebook videos to drive traffic to their sites. While YouTube should definitely not be abandoned, you need to seriously consider the use of the social media giant as conversion rates are so much higher than with the alternative. You basically want to be sure that you offer content that is relevant for your traffic audience and it is a certainty that you will be able to increase your conversions.

The only real problem stands in the fact that using Facebook videos is not as easy as you may initially think. You cannot simply add a video and expect to have the great results that you want. It is vital that you are patient and that you consider all the options that are available for you. This basically means that you need to pay close attention to what you create.

Remember that it does not really matter how many views a video has when looking at Facebook videos used for promotional purposes. The main thing that has to be considered is the relation between the video and the viewer. Unfortunately, for most accounts, this is a trial and error practice. You can only be successful by properly determining what the users want and then offering that.

A Necessity

If you want to do all that you can in order to increase site traffic, Facebook videos should be incorporated in your marketing campaigns. We can say that this is basically a necessity at the moment.