The appearance of the text is one of the factors that allow your viewers to understand the tone of the message you are trying to convey. With the advancement of web based technology, and the introduction of CSS3, the option to choose from thousands of typographic features have now been granted to web designers.

Thus, businesses should not undervalue the change that a font can bring to the whole website. Ideally, the font should not be so bizarre that the readers cannot comprehend it, nor should it be so simple that it doesn’t get any response from the visitors. Therefore, finding the right font which does not compromise the legibility of the content is essential.

Good Typography for your Web Design

A study was conducted which explored the impact of different fonts and understanding of the message it was conveying to the audience. Results showed that people did not believe the information in Comic Sans Font as authentic, as compared to other fonts.

Hence, to make your website look more believable and professional, you must use reliable fonts for your web designing. Other fonts that are not famous should be used only in occasional circumstances. Here are the 3 main characteristics of good typography that will make your web design standout.

Adding Line Spacing

Spaces between the lines of the text make the text easier to read. The line spacing should be between 0.3 to 0.5 em and more than the size of your font. Although it is ideal to add this much spacing between the lines, modifications can also be done depending on the font you choose.

Don’t Use Multiple Fonts

The greater the different types of typefaces used on the website, the greater will be the confusion caused for the readers. However, when two or three fonts, such as sans-serif and serif fonts are used together, they facilitate in making the website look more interesting and aesthetically appealing.

On the other hand, using more than a minimum number of fonts can create issues with text readability. You may think that a lot of different fonts will look artistic, but in reality, the reader will not be able to focus on any one statement at a time. It is also essential to pick the accurate fonts that blend well with the typefaces, which are usually those that come under the same category.

The Text Pyramid

This concept is widely known as visual hierarchy in which important things are posted in bigger sizes and are bold in font; whereas other texts are in normal size. It can be easily explained through the example of any blog you find on a website where the title has the biggest font to be more noticeable. Additionally, heading fonts are smaller than the title fonts and sub heading fonts are smaller than the heading fonts and so on. This hierarchy can also be achieved by changing the color of the heading. Hierarchal designs make the website look organized and presentable.

There are a lot of other things in typography that can be added to enhance your web design. These include; the alignment, the width of the text, font thickness, and scaling. Companies like WSI also work in the field of web designing and can change your web design by using typography, tactfully.