All inclusive web hosting is fast replacing the old school ‘three tiered’ business model when it comes to the way top hosting providers are promoting their shared web hosting packages.

Rather than placing restrictions on essential resources like bandwidth, storage and email accounts -and then charging us more and more money to lift those restrictions- the cheap web hosting companies we’ve reviewed have turned the tables and instead offer ‘unlimited everything’ at a price that’s highly competitive with most of the mid-tier plans offered by those traditional hosting companies.

Top All Inclusive Cheap Web Hosting Packages

This not only works out well for those looking to start a website on a budget, but also those who are planning to grow their website beyond the conventional restrictions of entry level plans without making a huge financial commitment right from the outset.

if you’re looking to get even more value for your money when it comes to launching your next website, here’s our guide to the top all inclusive cheap web hosting packages currently on the market. You must keep in mind that depending on what type of website you are launching, you will be gathering lots of data on visitors to your site such as demographics, location, etc. Having this data will help you improve the content of the page to really reach out to your targeted audience and convert visitors to customers. Be sure to have a solid back-up plan for this vital data, and keep it safe from being lost with Secure Data Recovery.


A relatively new arrival in the shared hosting space, eHost have made a big name for themselves in a small amount of time thanks to their attractive, fully-comprehensive hosting packages. The usual ‘unlimited everything’ deal is firmly in place here; take advantage of as much disc space, data transfer and email accounts as you need, along with unlimited MySQL databases, FTP accounts and similar features all for $2.75 month.

Yet it isn’t just the exceptionally low price that sets eHost apart from its competitors, it’s the promise of a top level domain name that’s guaranteed to be free for as long as you choose to keep your site hosted with eHost. At a time when renewal rates for dot-com and similar domain names can dramatically add to the long-term costs of running a website, this is certainly a nice proposition, and makes eHost one of the best all-inclusive hosting services around right now.


Often ranked highly by leading web hosting review sites, Burlington, Massachusetts based iPage pretty much spearheaded this whole ‘all inclusive’ revolution with their popular iPage Essentials plan. For over a decade now, the Endurance International owned hosting brand have been attracting customers by the truck load by providing unlimited bandwidth, storage and an attractive marketing package, all of the low cost of $1.99 (or £1.99 for UK website owners).


Giving our first-placed eHost a run for their money, Ideahost’s all inclusive web hosting package comes in at just $2.99 per month for the first term, and only $5.98 thereafter. For that price, you get all the standard features of a fully-comp hosting package -unlimited space, bandwidth, email and technical features- along with the same ‘free domain name for life’ deal offered by eHost.

Though we’ve noted in the past that Ideahost don’t quite offer the same kind of outstanding reliability and performance speeds as their competitors above, any issues we have seen have been minimal at worst, making them another good option to consider.


Endurance International’s HostClear brand prides itself as the hosting solution of choice for those new to building and launching their own website. With its easy to use interface and a fully functional drag-and-drop website builder to rival anything provided by the likes of Wix or Squarespace, we can’t say we disagree with the company’s value proposition.

Prices are competitive with others on this list and you again get a free domain name along with countless other features and $200 of free advertising credits. Combine this all together, and we think Hostclear makes a solid package that’s well worth giving a few moments of your time during the research phase if you’re looking to start your first website on a small budget.