You probably have a business Facebook page, but are you getting the most out of it? If you don’t have one, maybe you wonder what all of the fuss is about. Facebook can be a valuable business tool to promote your products and engage customers. Follow these tips to get the most out of your Facebook business page.

Your Facebook Business Page: Make it Count

Why Facebook?

Most consumers expect businesses to have a Facebook page. Facebook has several advantages for businesses, not least of which it’s free. It also provides another online avenue for potential customers to find out more about you. Customers can like your page, ask questions and share information about your company with friends. You can also reach large groups of people with messages about current promotions and announcements. Facebook is the ideal way to engage with customers.

Getting Started

Choose the name of your page carefully. If possible, use your company name to make your page easy to find. Complete your business profile, including your business address, hours and contact information. Choose a high-quality cover photo and profile picture that relate to your business. Add your Facebook address to business cards and other advertising material.

Facebook Comes Alive

A successful Facebook business page is an active community that engages in free discussion. You share authentic information that benefits customers and customers comment and ask questions. Follow these tips for making your Facebook business page a success.

  • Share your excitement: If you have a new product you’re proud of, share your excitement. If customers see that you believe in your product, they will, too.
  • Quickly respond to comments: Two-way communication is vital as you work to build a Facebook community. Respond to comments as quickly as possible. Respond to criticism even faster. If a customer posts a complaint, the way you deal with it will form a lasting impression on followers.
  • Post every day: To get the most out of your Facebook business page, post every day if possible. The more connections you make with people, the more trust you build.
  • Post a variety: Post useful links, photos and a variety of different items to make your page more interesting. Include authoritative third-party links to prove your expertise and give followers added value.
  • Analyze: Keep an eye on which types of posts get the most interaction and which fall flat.

Facebook Business Promotion Tips

Consistent posting is one of the best ways to promote your business, but there are other Facebook tools you can use to further promote your business.

Targeting your posts to a specific gender or age group is easy with Facebook. Go to Settings, click Post Targeting and Privacy and check the box. Create your post and select the target icon in the lower left corner. Click Add Targeting and you’re done.

Another way to promote products or services is to boost your most important posts. Clicking Boost at the bottom of a new or existing post creates more exposure for your business and your website.