It is so exciting to finally get a website for your business, but do not allow that excitement deter you from choosing the perfect name for your domain. Your domain name is the name that people will know you by, and the name they’ll need to type into a web bar to pull up your website. It is imperative that you put thought into the choice of name that you will use. Here are 6 additional things to keep in mind when choosing a domain name.

Make it Unique

You always want to choose a domain name that is unique from others. It is easy to confuse similarly named websites, and you certainly do not want people doing business with the next site. You can also run into a lot of issues if you try to use the same name as another company, legally speaking. Avoid that hassle all together.

6 things to Remember when choosing your Website Domain Name

Use Keywords

Before selecting the name of your website, take a look at the most popularly searched for keywords. Try to incorporate at least one keyword into your domain name. Keywords are what gets results in SEO!

Shorter is better

The website name that you choose can be any length, but keeping it shorter is better. People need to be able to remember the name of your website, and usually they have better luck with shorter names.

Avoid Slang

Slang language in a website domain name is a big no-no. this is easy to confuse and again may direct people to the wrong website. Simple and short is always better. Remember this

Use a Dot-Com Website

These days there are many different domains that you can choose from, including .com. .net. and .edu, if you are an educational institution. It is always best to go with a .com name. people view these sites as more trustworthy, and they’re much easier to find.

Avoid Special Characters & Abbreviations

Special characters can be really confusing, so if at all possible avoid using them in your domain name. Same goes for abbreviations. Do not use them, period.

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