There are a lot of websites and resource centres that specializes in discussing SEO-related topics. Even so, we can still find a lot of basic, fundamental SEO mistakes. These mistakes are very easy to avoid. To help you get started with avoiding them, we are going to discuss some more SEO mistakes in this article.

Seo Mistakes
Meta Descriptions for Your Pages

A lot of pages on the web are still using Meta descriptions that don’t really match with the content of the pages. This is a fundamental SEO mistake for two reasons: the crawlers will rank your pages lower for their irrelevant page descriptions and users will not be able to assess what the pages are all about upon seeing the search results.
Aside from writing a Meta description that don’t match, several other Meta description-related mistakes are:

  • Using generic descriptions, such as “This is a web page” or “This page is about SEO”. You need to be more detailed about what the page is about.
  • Using a Meta description full of keywords and keywords only. Search engines are much, MUCH smarter these days, and keyword stuffing will only get your site ranked low or even blocked.
  • Adding the entire content of the page to the Meta description tag. This is a mistake that a lot of site owners still do. Grab a section of the article or create a short summary that will grab your users’ attention.

Last but not least, be sure to use a different Meta description for different pages.

URLs and Links

Many basic SEO mistakes are usually related to the use of URLs and links. For starters, using a dynamic URL (i.e. is not SEO-friendly at all. Instead of using this type of dynamic URL, you need to use an SEO-friendly URL or permalink, such as

Another common mistake is using an URL that is both too long and too full of keywords. SEO today is about moderation; keywords and other SEO elements must be added in a natural and moderated way so that your site can perform the way it should SEO-wise.
Keep URLS short and make sure users can spell them easily. You don’t have to add the entire title of the article to the permalink. You can just grab a few key phrases that represent the article nicely.

Contents for Your Users

There are reasons why top SEO companies such as focus on providing users with high quality contents. For starters, contents are what make users stay – or decide to leave – and return.
The content of your site will also dictate the rest of the SEO campaign. Some of the common mistakes still seen on even the best websites are:

  • Adding too many keywords to an article in an attempt to get the article more search engine exposure.
  • Creating an article that is either too long or too short. If an article is more than 1000 words, try splitting it into several pages
  • Using long paragraphs in an article. Add titles, subheading and lists to keep the article scan-able and interesting.