If you are starting a business, one of the first things you will of course need is a website. No self respecting business, no matter how small or locally focussed, doesn’t have a website, after all. Whether you are going to run a cafe or make your own jewellery, you need to ensure you have a web presence that really represents your new venture and makes it easy for your target customers to find you, learn about you, order from you, and interact with you.

Design Your Own Business Website

The first thing you will need is a domain and hosting, which can be quite inexpensive, and is easy to buy. With most web hosting companies, you will get some kind of web design software that you can use to create your new site. But should you really design your own site rather than getting professional web developers to do it for you?

Do You Have the Creative Skills?

Designing a website from a technical perspective is now so easy that just about anyone who is computer savvy enough to use the web can do it – thanks to WYSIWYG web development tools of the sort you get on blogging platforms like WordPress or as part of your web hosting package, making a standard website is no harder than creating a document in Word. However, consider that many other things are easy enough to do but not easy to do in a way that looks good if you are not someone with honed creative skills. You can read and write, but would you write a novel? You can probably do basic sewing to repair tears in your jeans, but would you make your own wedding dress? If you are not someone with a leaning towards design in general, then the fact that there are tools that remove the need for programming from creating your website might not be enough, and you will probably benefit from using a web design consultant.


There are now so many devices that access the web, and so many browsers people use with them, that you can never guarantee that the design that looks cool on your PC with Chrome will also look good on someone else’s Mac with Safari, or their phone. There is a lot of testing that goes on in professional software development which deals with this very subject. The trouble is, with only your own computer and phone you can’t do that level of testing. A professional web design company like web design Birmingham specialists Cocoonfxmedia has the facilities and expertise to ensure your site looks right wherever it is viewed.


Your site may look good, but are people finding it? SEO is the art of upping your Google rankings so people can see your site high on the list when they search on related topics. A good web design firm will help you with this.

Web design may now seem like an easy thing to DIY, but for many business owners, the best route is still using a professional company.