So, you have just launched your business website and you are wondering why it is not getting any visitors? Here are some offline marketing tools that will help you spread the word about your website.


Make your website a permanent fix in your emails and letters

You need to have your website address in all your correspondence. If you have your own stationery, talk to the printers to add your web address for the next batch of prints. Add the web address to all your marketing emails and ensure all members of your staff do the same.

Print the address on packaging
One of the best ways to tell customers about your website address is to include the address on your packaging. Regardless of whether you are dealing with plastic bags, shipping boxes or envelopes, have the address clearly printed on one side preferably under the name of your business.
Include coupons or discount codes in brochures and mail to prospects
Dean Williams at says, “every business today needs brochures that will be occasionally sent to customers and prospects”. “It is a picturesque way to make them see what your business has to offer and communicate new developments”.
While designing you brochure, include offers and promos that can only be claimed by visiting a website. The average web user is always on the lookout for bonuses. Tap into this and spread word about your business.

Get the address on new business cards
If your old business cards don’t have the web address, consider investing in newer prints that will include it. Don’t make the mistake of writing it on the cards. They won’t look good aesthetically and it screams carelessness. Again, how many people will go through the trouble of trying to decipher your handwriting?
When you have the new cards double your efforts at spreading them. Give it to both old and new customers.

Print it on your promotional materials
Free items will forever remain a great way to market your business. As you give out these items, have your website address clearly displayed alongside your logo and business name. The items used as promotional gifts often have a long shelf life and so will always remind your audience about visiting your website. Good ideas include, caps, clothing, key rings, etc.

Add the address to presentations
Add your web address to presentations or seminar hand outs reinforces your company brand and will go a long way in engraving your web address in the mind of your target audience.
Have the address displayed on adverts
When creating offline notice for employment openings, don’t forget to include the web address alongside contact numbers and emails. People other than prospective employees may want to have a look at the website to see what your business offers.

Submit content in a local publication
This is even more important if your business has a local focus. If you offer great content, the reading public will quickly take note. This will often translate to your website and online profiles being checked out so you must have it clearly displayed with the article.
Look around for local newspapers that will accept business profiles for free and take advantage of them too.
With these tips, it will be easier for you to spread word around about your website.