Elxis Open Source CMS Portal Script

Elxis Open Source CMS Portal Script : The Elxis CMS is a content management system, fully developing and instantly evaluable. In the past, the security that gives to the users-professionals and also the searching (SEO system), has put it among the top CMSs of the world. Luckily for us, the above 2, aren’t the only reasons that we recommend to the specialists-companies to use it.

The most important about Elxis 4.1 is that, for the first time, provides a friendly to mobile phones and tablets version of the web site. If a handheld device is detected Elxis generates a mobile version of the requested page instead of the standard one for desktop computers. An other cool addition on the 4.1 release is the CSS and Javascript minifier.
Elxis unifies and compresses CSS and JS files generating pages that loads faster, consuming less bandwidth, and having a smaller HTML head section. Smaller scale improvements and additions have been made in other areas of Elxis and also some bug fixes.

  • High quality object oriented programming in PHP.
  • PDO database layer (officially supported databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Small file-system footprint
  • Easy installation via a web interface.
  • Does not requires special software on the server (a typical LAMP server is recommended).
  • Easy to use libraries for all core features makes developer work extremely easy.
  • Multiligual user interface and content including support for RTL languages.
  • Multi-sites support (multiple sites under 1 Elxis installation).
  • Site off-line for all users except administrators.
  • Private site (site available only to registered users).
  • Easy and powerful internal linking system and search engine friendly URLs (Elxis URIs).
  • Multiple supported document types – XHTML 5, HTML 5, XHTML 1.1 transitional, XHTML 1.1 strict.
  • FTP support
  • Custom icon packages
  • Custom routing